Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cambodian Hair Company located?

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Our Address is: 1680 Mall of Georgia, Suite 1745, Marietta, Georgia 30519.
Our Email is: CustomerService@CambodianHairCompany.Com
Our Telephone Number is:  678.640.6890

Where do you source your hair?

Our hair is ethically sourced directly from donors in Cambodia.

How do I purchase tresses on your site?

Each bundle is derived from one donor. As such, each bundle is unique and is represented by one picture. Therefore, for a full install, 3 or 4 unique bundles must be individually added to the cart to be purchased.
We also offer blends, a group of bundles that look similar. To purchase blends, select "Boutique", then select "Blends", then select "Add to Cart".

How many bundles are needed for a full install?

Typically, 3-4 bundles are needed to complete a full install, depending on each client's personal preference.

What is a blend?

A blend is 3-4 bundles, that has similar characteristics, that will complete a full install.

Will Cambodian Hair Company create a custom blend for me?

Yes, we will be delighted. Just email us. We will take pictures of the custom blend and email to you.

How do I care for my virgin tresses?

Prior to installation, we recommend that you wash and condition your authentic tresses with products free of sulfates, parabens, silicone or alcohol.
As with your human hair, applying excessive heat above 450 degrees may damage your valuable investment.

Do you provide overnight delivery?

Yes, we provide overnight delivery within the United States for $20.00 shipping and handling fee.

Do you sell to other countries?

Yes, we do offer our tresses to other countries outside of the U.S.A.  

What is your exchange policy?

Cambodian Hair Company makes every possible effort to carefully quality test our products prior to shipment.
However, due to the nature of our product, only exchanges are provided within the first 30 calendar days of purchase.
All sales are deemed final. Please note this policy becomes null and void (including but not limited to) if your hair has been installed, bleached, cut or processed in any format, chemical or mechanical. 

What are your shipping policies and procedures?

We ship your tresses within 48 hours of purchase. For your protection, we require signature confirmation.  Therefore, we do not ship to Post Office mail boxes.
In addition, though we make every effort to deliver as soon as we can, we can not be held liable for shipping delays due to natural, unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, natural disasters or courier delays.  Also, we can not be held responsible for incorrect mailing addresses that you provide to us.  Please ensure that your shipping address is accurately entered.

Can I bleach or process my virgin tresses?

Yes, you may bleach or process your tresses.  However, as your natural hair, doing so may alter the natural texture.

Have more questions?

Email us at: CustomerService@CambodianHairCompany.Com.